Financial Management System in Egypt

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Emerging technologies have already had a great impact on financial business. The growing demand from mobile and tablet customers, along with increasing sophistication and “anywhere” access to financial information and transactions, makes staying ahead of information technology and financial regulations a challenge. Our industry-specific expertise and end-to-end technology solutions fit it all: your business requirements, your customer needs, and your bottom line. Therefore, it is imperative that a general ledger system be powerful, flexible, and informative to management, yet still be easy to use and operate. With Bright Information System, you can rest assured that your crucial accounting information is precise and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Key features

  • Multi-level chart of accounts with opening balance for each account.
  • Support multi-company with different chart of accounts.
  • Customize each account using Bright-numeric segments.
  • Classify the accounts into logical groups (Assets, Liabilities..etc.).
  • Consolidated financial reports for multi-company organizations.
  • Control accounting periods (multiple open periods, re-open periods).
  • Set multiple journal codes.
  • Post automatically.
  • Perform year-end close automatically.
  • Multi-level cost centres.
  • Cost centre based budget.
  • Cost centre/account codes are separated.
  • Account/cost centres combinations can be created when entering transaction.
  • Foreign currencies rates are dynamically changed on daily or monthly basis.
  • Automatically perform currency conversion.
  • Local currency is not enforced during transaction.
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