Bright ERP is suitable for all industries or sectors in Egypt

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Advance Your Business With New IT Strategies & Solutions. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are discovering the growing importance of connecting IT strategies and solutions with overall business goals and opportunities. Our industry-specific expertise and end-to-end technology solutions fit it all: your business requirements, your customer needs, and your bottom line. The Bright ERP is suitable for all industries or sectors in Egypt.

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Holding Groups

By using our specialist solution to gain more profits to ensure the reliable quality your customers demand while minimising risk with our ERP solution for holding groups.Get accurate project management and accounting information as well as live insights on your fingertip. We are smarter business solutions that let you focus on your clients and not administration.

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Industrial Sector

In a rapidly changing environment, how can you grow your industrial business, control costs and increase profits? We ensure to accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures. Specialist industrial sector ERP solutions to gain more profits, ensure the reliable quality your customers demand while minimising risk with us for industrial manufacturing.

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Contracting Sector

With intense focus on customers and projects, today's engineering and construction firms require real-time and seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, on-site project managers and back office staff. BIS understands construction projects involve more than managing materials and time. Day-to-day control and management of labor costs, project scope changes, material costs, field service work orders, and other operating activities require integrated information systems.

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Retail Sector

As a retailer, you need to be agile and flexible in order to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced and fragmented marketplace. Technology affects all parts of your business and the increasing influence of mobility and web applications is continually raising the stakes and customer demands. Our information-technology solutions can help improve your entire retail environment, ensuring that your systems maximize your merchandising and supply chains, optimize operational efficiencies, and position customer insights for greater engagement and loyalty.

Government sector image

Government Sector

Public Services and the Government are faced with many challenges, having to meet certain compliance mandates and higher customer’ expectations and needs. The Public administration typically works with a lot of paper documents, forms, mail and files. We help this sector to maximize the services to their citizens and to reduce the costs with a valuable and cost-effective strategy.

Rental and real estate sector image

Rental & Real Estate Sector

We help the sector to manage the rental process from start to finish. Gain complete control over your rental assets with our ERP solution, maximising utilisation and minimising costs. With all your asset's lifetime history stored in one place, you can review information quickly. This helps you to plan for the future and to increase equipment utilisation and revenue.

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