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POS Software and Machine in cairo

BISPOS solutions are more than just a simple point of sale. It enables you to automate and control your operations. It gives you full control over your day to day work processes. Through the strong reporting tool, you can evaluate and re-plan your operations to ensure the best performance which leads to better profit. Bright's Point Of Sale system can increase sales efficiency and in turn, lead to greater success. BISPOS system increases your business efficiency which leads to greater revenues. with BISPOS you are in control and we are Customized, Integrated, Scalable, and Fast. We are one of the leading POS System supplier in Egypt.

Key features

  • In-house developed app.
  • Server-based application, means your data is safe.
  • The professional look gets the job done simpler.
  • Very user friendly, guaranteed your employee will get used to it at the shortest training time.
  • Online and offline POS Sales transactions.
  • Keyboard and scanner support.
  • Full touch screen support.
  • Support All POS Peripherals hardware.
  • Auto sending email of the closing reports.
  • Multi payment options.
  • Multiple open sales.
  • Data analysis tools.
  • Get your business connected through one full integrated POS solution.
  • Fully customizable to perfectly suit your business.
  • Simplifying day to day operations through its ease of use built.
  • Record sales immediately.
  • Record for each and every single transaction on it for high levels of security and auditing purposes.
  • Quick in action.
  • Manage purchases through a full purchase cycle.
  • Control Inventory and stock in case of multi warehouses and stores to maximize inventory control.
  • Track item movement and supplier histories.
  • Multiple Reporting tool to monitor, control and assess your business.
  • Easily Record Expenses.
  • Manages item pricing and offered discounts.
  • Add customer details to consolidate a strong client database.
  • Customers and vendors statement.
  • High level of security to control employee theft.
  • Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe.
point of sale software in Egypt

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