Best Supply Chain Management System in Egypt

Supply Chain Management Software in Cairo

Supply chain suite to provide enhanced visibility and control. The Sales organization is the key revenue-generating unit in any company. Sales operations require well-defined, standardized and continually optimized processes and data. BIS Supply chain suite brings together sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and delivery business units and enables a unified working environment for cross-department business process management.

Our Supply chain Software provides flexible workflows for process standardization and daily task routing. The suite enable data capture with unlimited capabilities as to the data types or volumes. With our best Supply Chain Management System in Egypt onfigurable search, reporting, and data import/export capabilities ensure timely access to business-critical information.

Key features

  • Categorize customers into different groups.
  • Classify customers to main and sub customers.
  • Define different main / sub sales area.
  • Automatically check credit limits during order taking.
  • Credit aging reports per customer as balance or detailed transaction.
  • Automatically calculate salesmen commissions based on collection or invoice issue.
  • Provide reports monitor and evaluate salesmen performance.
  • Define different pricing policies based on customers, customers groups and the items.
  • Define different price lists.
  • Define manual or automatic discounts based on items or customers.
  • Ability to enter service invoices such as (maintenance).
Supply chain software in Egypt

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