HRMS Software in Egypt

Human Resource Management System in Cairo

Bright's Human Resource Management System - HRMS Suite is a professional application that your organization can rely on to secures its own investments. When navigating through the application, and from the first time out, the user can feel how it is simple, flexible and at the same time; elaborated. The application manipulates both the Personnel & Payroll parts. They are integrated together in the background, but act as a one entity from the functionality point of view. We are providing best HRMS Software in Egypt

Key features

  • Recording all staff data such as personnel data, salaries, vacation, photos, etc.
  • Registering the promotion movements, transfer, and the day of salary raise.
  • Creating monthly payroll according to attendance.
  • Calculating the overtime automatically.
  • Printing out the monthly transaction for employer or department.
  • Keeping a full history on your employees position change, salary change, and department change
  • Defining unlimited number of additions & deductions.
  • Calculating the over time of each employee based on the time sheet & attendance sheet manually or automatically.
  • Identifying the history & current balance of vacations for each employee.
  • Keeping potential candidate’s files for information update or review.
  • Recording all staff data such as personnel data, salaries, vacations, photos, etc.
  • Calculating salaries and leave benefits
  • Calculating end of service benefit as per each country regulations.
  • Ability to connect with attendance and leave digital hours.
  • Calculating of absence, delay, penalties and overtime as per attendance and leave schedule.
  • Connection with General Ledger Module.
  • Ability to follow up staff documents such as residence, driving license, etc.
  • Follow up loans and automatically discounted from the employee.
hrms user interface

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